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Newly designed genome viewer
Release of rice PA64s genome and its comparative analysis with 93-11 and Syngenta
Transcript units and alternative splicing by high-throughput sequencing of rice transcriptome
Extracted blast result and linkage to MapViewer
Updated genome annotation
4628 predicted ncRNA of PA64s
1155 predicted MicroRNA of PA64s
16,304 full length cDNA mapped to PA64s
37,162 Glean and 35,352 FgeneSH predicted genes of PA64s
10044 predicted ncRNA of 93-11
3806 predicted MicroRNA of 93-11
17,165 full length cDNA mapped to 93-11
40,745 Glean and 38,130 FgeneSH predicted genes of 93-11
6619 predicted ncRNA of Syngenta
2214 predicted MicroRNA of Syngenta
17,489 full length cDNA mapped to Syngenta
37,964 Glean and 39,705 FgeneSH predicted genes of Syngenta

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