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   Introduction of three strains of rice

In BGI-RIS,PA64s (or PeiAi64s, multiple-crossing resulted in 55% indica, 25% japonica and 20% javanica, sequenced by BGI-Shenzhen), 93-11 (Indica, sequenced by BGI-Shenzhen) and Syngenta (Japonica, sequenced by Syngenta) data are well presented. Particularly, 93-11 and PA64s are parental cultivars of the super-hybrid rice, LYP9.

   What's New
Newly designed genome viewer
Release of rice PA64s genome and its comparative analysis with 93-11 and Syngenta
Transcript units and alternative splicing by high-throughput sequencing of rice transcriptome
Extracted blast result and linkage to MapViewer
Updated genome annotation
4628 predicted ncRNA of PA64s
1155 predicted MicroRNA of PA64s
16,304 full length cDNA mapped to PA64s
37,162 Glean and 35,352 FgeneSH predicted genes of PA64s
10044 predicted ncRNA of 93-11
3806 predicted MicroRNA of 93-11
17,165 full length cDNA mapped to 93-11
40,745 Glean and 38,130 FgeneSH predicted genes of 93-11
Genome sequences of 93-11, PA64 and Syngenta
Annotation information of gene, repeats, ncRNA, Promoter, CpG island etc.
Homolog between 93-11,PA64s and Syngenta subspecies
Gene annotation updated (2008-10-28) on the ftp site, according to pre-published paper "Improved annotatio n of the rice (Oryza sativa) genomes"
Genes updated(2006-12-28), both the graphical view and the ftp site, according to pre-published paper "Re- annotation of the rice genome(s) by selective pre-masking of intergenic transposable elements"
BGI-RIS: an integrated informa tion resource and comparative analysis workbench for rice genomics
Latest version of Sequence Assembly of Rice Genome( Syngenta ) (119 SuperScaffolds, 26,160 Scaffolds, 35,047 Contigs )
14,827 full length cDNA mapped to Syngenta.
36,038 BGF and 36,757 FgeneSH predicted genes of Syngenta.
Up to 4,723,468 SNPs identified bet ween 93-11 and Syngenta .
chromosome 1 chromosome 2 chromosome 3 chromosome 4 chromosome 5 chromosome 6 chromosome 7 chromosome 8 chromosome 9 chromosome 10 chromosome 11 chromosome 12
93-11 Syngenta PA64s
   Tools & Services

Cloud computing  BGI provides cloud computing service for a set of bioinformatic analysis, include sequence alignment, small RNA and transcriptome analysis, de novo genome assembly, gene structure and function annotation, as well as evolutionary and comparative analysis.

FGF  (Fishing Gene Family) is a useful tool for finding gene family and plotting phylogenetic tree. Besides these, it also gives the gene duplication evolutional information.

WEGO  WEGO (Web Gene Ontology Annotation Plot) is a useful tool for plotting GO annotation results.

Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a set of similarity search programs designed to explore all of the available sequence database s regardless of whether the query is protein or DNA.

   About BGI-RIS

In addition to the comprehensive data of 93-11 and PA64s sequenced by BGI, BGI-RIS will host carefully curated genome information of Syngenta since we have obtained permission from Syngenta to release their data as soon as related paper is published.

In BGI-RIS, sequence contigs of 93-11, PA64s and Syngenta have been further assembled and anchored onto the rice chromosomes. We have annotated the rice genomes for gene content, repetitive elements, and SNPs. Sequence polymorphisms between different rice subspecies have also been identified. Designed as a basic platform for rice study, BGI-RIS presents the sequence d genomes and related information in systematic and graphical ways for the convenience of in-depth comparative studies.

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