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Genomic sequences for the rice genomes
Genome of 93-11    FTP1    FTP2
Genome of Syngenta    FTP1    FTP2
Superscaffold of 93-11    FTP1    FTP2
Superscaffold of Syngenta    FTP1    FTP2
Scaffold of 93-11    FTP1    FTP2
Scaffold of Syngenta    FTP1    FTP2
Contig of 93-11    FTP1    FTP2
Contig of Syngenta    FTP1    FTP2
Pseudomolecules of IRGSP japonica (build 4)    FTP1    FTP2
Chromosome of Syngenta     FTP1    FTP2
Chromosome of 93-11     FTP1    FTP2
Annotation data for the rice genomes
Glean gene annotation(gff)     93-11     Syngenta
Glean gene cds(fasta)     93-11     Syngenta
Glean gene protein(fasta)     93-11     Syngenta
FgeneSH genes     93-11     Syngenta
Repeats     93-11     Syngenta
CpGisland     93-11     Syngenta
Promoter     93-11     Syngenta
Markers     93-11     Syngenta
BAC ends     93-11     Syngenta
Repeats     93-11     Syngenta
nr-KOME cDNAs    Syngenta cDNAs
  Pre-publication gene sets (Re-annotation of the rice genomes by selective pre-masking of intergenic transposable elements)
BGF genes     93-11     Syngenta    IRGSP japonica (build 4)
Fgenesh genes     93-11     Syngenta    IRGSP japonica (build 4)
  Pre-publication gene sets (Improved gene annotation of the rice (Oryza sativa) genomes, submited to BMC Genomics)
Repeats     93-11     Syngenta    IRGSP japonica
GLEAN genes     93-11     Syngenta    IRGSP japonica
ncRNA genes     93-11     Syngenta    IRGSP japonica
Homolog among 93-11, PA64s and Syngenta subspecies

Homology region    FTP1    
Conserve region    FTP1    
SNP    FTP1    
SNPs between indica and japonica subspecies

93-11 vs Syngenta    Genome alignment     SNP/Indel information
93-11 vs IRGSP    Genome alignment     SNP/Indel information
Instruction of file formats      Readme
Transcriptome Data

SAGE    Instruction    SAGE data     Potential origin
RNA-Seq reads:

Short reads of indica rice transcriptome through high-throughput RNA sequencing    Single-End    Paired-end    
DGEP tag:

DGEP (digital gene expression profiling) tag of indica rice transcriptome via high-throughput RNA sequencing    FTP    
Small RNA:

Small RNA reads of indica rice transcriptome by high-throughput RNA sequencing    FTP    
Transcript units (TUs) defined by the RNA-Seq reads
Genome-wide survey of alternative splicing in rice by RNA-Seq reads

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